Directorate Of Distance Education, Gomal University, Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan

The mixed regimes of education financing combine local and central funding sources in various ways and aim to equalize the disparities in per-student spending. Under the state foundation grants regime, the state funds a minimal level of education spending using tax revenues raised centrally. Each community has to spend at least the amount of the foundation grant and can use local funds raised through majority-backed property taxes to supplement the state funds.

Universities issue both tax-free and taxable debt to the public markets, yet it seems unlikely that the SEC will get engaged. The PAC-12 conference’s flirtation with selling its media rights to private equity investors is yet another signal that money and profit maximization reign supreme. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility to think of some federal or state agency holding an inquiry into monetization of athletics revenue.

Many times it seems that the administration believes the technology itself will improve the quality of the class. Palloff and Pratt remind us that “ technology does not teach students; effective teachers do”(pg. 4). They make the point that the issue is not technology itself, but how it is used in the design and delivery of courses. Too often instructors do not design their lessons to take advantage of the technology presented. Research suggests that the effectiveness of distance learning is based on preparation, the instructor's understanding of the needs of the students, and an understanding of the target population .

Or, they may thrive when they have the opportunity to work in larger groups. If ensuring that they get the best education possible is a priority, cost is a secondary concern. Bogart is not responsible for third party websites hyper linked our website, and does not guarantee or necessarily endorse any content, recommendations, products or services offered on third party sites. Personal expenses — internet connection, cell phone bills, entertainment, groceries, medications, etc. This figure varies greatly depending on the student’s needs, but the rough average is $3,000.


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